Our lives were forever changed the day we lost Corey. He was an amazing man who loved the Lord and his family with all that he was. The pain of losing him is like no other. Our only comfort comes from knowing we will see him again someday.

I have moved the slideshow played at Corey's service to it's own post page above, titled "Corey's Memorial Service - August 10, 2010"

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J.C. Hampton Memorial Ball Field project proposal

                       J.C.Hampton Memorial Ball Field Project                              written 10/28/10 - Jill Hampton              

Vision: The idea to restore the ball field located on the grounds of the Milton Mills Cemetery originated a few days after my husband’s death.  The fact that there used to be a field in view of his grave site was one of the factors in my deciding that this was where he should be buried.  Corey played softball through the Seacoast Softball League for the past four seasons.  When I found out that the team he played for had used this field just a few years prior, I expressed to John Katwick my desire to see the field restored in my husband’s honor so that it could once again be used. 
The Seacoast Softball League which is made up of 18 participating churches operates on a very small budget. The teams often have difficulty finding fields for practices/games since recreational departments often give priority to their recreational teams (little league and such).  Since Milton already has at least 2 ball fields that I know of, I would like to see the Seacoast Softball League and other area churches have “first dibs” on field use with other teams/leagues being allowed usage when available. 
            Teams/leagues wishing to use the field would need to hold a current liability policy and provide a certificate of insurance to the cemetery before being allowed use of the field.  I am told that it is standard for organized teams/leagues to hold such a policy (to cover damage to the field, injuries, etc.)

The restoration of the field will likely involve:
-          -Establishing turf
-         - Bringing in a clay/sand mixture for the infield
-         - Grading of the infield at 0.5% to 1% to allow for proper drainage
-         - Rebuilding benches
-         - Installing new fencing at least behind the home plate to act as a back stop
-         - Removal of the tires from the previous play area and establishment of a new play area, “Abi and Ali’s              playground,” named after our daughters.  This would likely be built ample distance behind the backstop
-          - Placement of a monument designating the field as The  J.C. Hampton Memorial Ball Field
-         -  Placement of a sign to recognize sponsors
-         -  Placement of a small shed to store first aid kit, landscaping rakes, the bases, and other maintenance materials (lawn tractor).

Additional considerations:  dug outs, bleacher style seats, and a designated parking area (gravel)

Potential sponsors:
Seacoast Softball League – made up of 18 churches in the area
S.U.R. construction – connection-Kathy Pomerleau
Colleen Lake, Architect willing to draw plans
Various friends, family, and coworkers of Corey and Jill

Items in question:
Long-term plans for this area of land?
Effects of town takeover of cemetery in the future and what that would mean for the ball field?
Maintenance of the field?
Management of donations?
Other liability concerns in addition to requiring teams/leagues to hold their own insurance?
Zoning permit requirements?
Key contacts for the town of Milton?