Our lives were forever changed the day we lost Corey. He was an amazing man who loved the Lord and his family with all that he was. The pain of losing him is like no other. Our only comfort comes from knowing we will see him again someday.

I have moved the slideshow played at Corey's service to it's own post page above, titled "Corey's Memorial Service - August 10, 2010"

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Where to start?

Not sure I really know where to begin with this blogging thing.  Why am I doing this again???  Putting my thoughts out there for anyone to read makes me just a bit fearful.  However, I thought this would be a good way to keep you all updated on how our family is doing these days as we adjust to life without Corey.  His death has left a gaping hole for all of us.  My hope is that by recording our journey Abi and Ali will have this record to look back on when they are older.  I want them (and all of you) to be able to see how faithful our God has been and is being through this trying time.  I also know a lot of you might have questions about Corey's death.  As I get comfortable with this forum I will try to be brave in sharing some of the details that have brought our family to this place of grief.  This is all SO very painful, so I ask that you would please be patient with me.  I guess Corey and I were both kind of private people, but I do think there is value in sharing our story, so I will do my best.

To start, I am going to get some of the details of Corey's funeral service (back on August 10th) posted for those of you who were not able to make it to his service.  Some of these things I have already posted on Facebook, but I really want to have everything in one place.  Plus, I know some of you (kind of like me!) are not real into the Facebook thing...

So without further adieu (drum roll...), here we go!