Our lives were forever changed the day we lost Corey. He was an amazing man who loved the Lord and his family with all that he was. The pain of losing him is like no other. Our only comfort comes from knowing we will see him again someday.

I have moved the slideshow played at Corey's service to it's own post page above, titled "Corey's Memorial Service - August 10, 2010"

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lessons in balloon flight

        Today the girls and I went to visit Corey's grave before heading out of town for Christmas. This was the girls' first time visiting the cemetery since Corey's burial. The visit didn't seem to bring them down which I was pleased about. I had talked to them on several occasions about my plans to take them to see "Daddy's stone." They seemed fine with it and had actually been wanting to send up (via balloons) a Reese's peanut butter cup to Daddy since Halloween. We had saved one for him from their candy stashes :) Abigail also decided that she wanted to send up a white powdered donut along with it. That was another one of Corey's favorite treats and it surprised me a bit that she remembered and thought to include this. I bought a box on Wednesday night and opened the box the next morning, giving one to each of the girls to eat. I started to eat one and set it on the table next to the open box. I returned to my packing. A while later when we were getting ready to leave the house I went to grab the donuts only to find an empty box with crumbs and white powder spread everywhere. Bella (our dog) had seized the opportunity to devour the 9 or so remaining donuts. I was livid and felt horrible telling Abi that Bella had finished off the box. She took it well. I'm sure Corey had a good laugh up in heaven watching Bella wolf down a boxful of donuts. We sprinkled some of the remaining powder into the basket with the Reese's cup.  I had purchased 10 pink and red colored heart balloons in hopes that they would be enough to lift off the treats.
        I had also spent some time on Wednesday, the day before, getting crafty with some silk poinsettias and my hot glue gun. I had fun putting together a "swag," I guess you could call it, to lay across the top of Corey's stone.  Here are some pictures. I might have gone a little over the top with the ribbons, but I thought it turned out alright. I really wanted something special for Corey that I had made for him. Abigail helped clean off the snow on top of the stone with her mittens and I placed the arrangement on top.
         I attached the gold star because Corey always liked having the star on top of our Christmas tree. (I always preferred the angel, so we alternated each year as a compromise).  Also, Corey's Mema Gladys (his grandma) had sent the girls and I some Christmas gifts a few weeks back. She included a gold glittery star ornament for Corey to put on our tree. I was touched by the thoughtfulness and it made me happy that he was included too.  I added the Hope ornament because although Corey may have lost all hope for his life here, I know that he had much hope and faith in God's Truth and in the new and glorious life he would have with God in Heaven.
I attached the balloons to the basket and got my video camera ready to capture the lift off. There was a pretty good wind so I was hopeful we would be successful. We counted down and the girls let go of the balloon strings. Ten balloons wasn't enough and the basket dragged along the ground as the wind carried our "care package" off across the field.  I was able to retrieve it before it got too far and we decided we would all split the Reese's cup and just let the balloons go. Unfortunately, we were a bit too close to the trees and all but 3 balloons got snagged in the branches. Oops. I've learned a few things about balloon flight for the next time ;) I reassured the girls that Daddy has all the powdered donuts, Reese's cups, and balloons that he wants up in Heaven and that he knows we love him. I loaded the girls in the car and headed back home. It felt like it was the right thing to do to include Corey in some way in our Christmas this year.  


  1. That sounds just perfect, Jill. The swag is gorgeous.

  2. The girl's look proud to be there taking care of their Daddy. You are a good help meet and mom. Hang in there. Praying for you, me